I doubt I’ll make 21 days…

Posted in Challenge on October 14th, 2013 by Casey



Sunday morning, I was half-asleep, cruising FB on my phone, when I saw that Ealasaid had signed up for this crazy challenge. “Of course,” said my fuzzy brain, “this is exactly what you need to get your motivation going again.” (Not bothering to recognize that I have been working my ass off for new clients for the past month. Brain = not paying attention to reality.)

This morning, the first challenge shows up. Seriously, “what’s one gift you’d like to leave the world with when you’re gone?” Maybe I’m taking this wrong, but I don’t want to change the whole world. I want to changeĀ my world, and the world for those I love by loving them fully and reminding them how much they mean to me. I want my friends to really, truly know how grateful I am for having them as my chosen family.

Does that count?